The Flow of Life: Are You For or Against?

Spiritual stream of consciousnessIn which direction is the stream flowing?

In which direction are you … ?

If you are flowing in the same direction as the stream then you will find that life is easy.

Things will happen the way you want them to, almost without any effort on your part. Everything will flow into your life naturally and easily. You’ll feel happy and joyful, simply through allowing yourself to be carried by the flow, in full appreciation of whatever life brings.

It’s not that you won’t find any obstacles in your way, necessarily, but when you do, you will simply flow around them, as water flows around a boulder in the middle of an ongoing stream.

Flowing easily and flexibly and following a natural course, dictated by ‘what is’, you make your way through fields and forests, mountains and valleys to ultimately arrive at a vast expansiveness, dissolving into a magnificent and abundant ocean of oneness.

If you are moving against the current then you are resisting the flow

boulder in a riverYou are turning away from, rather than towards it. And that’s where you get into trouble.  If you continue to hold the belief that you are separate from it or that you are alone and that you have to struggle and strive to bring about whatever you want in life, you are fighting the great ‘isness’ of being and swimming upstream.

Life feels hard. It is a struggle. Against the flow, you will be feeling constantly fearful and always battling to try and get somewhere beyond, to move the boulders. You see what you don’t want, as if life is getting in the way of fulfilling your projected dreams and desires.

Obstacles arise that feel almost immovable and you push and push to overcome them, maybe exhausting yourself in the process. You are not prepared to yield. Your focus is fixed. There is no room to be flexible. You expect things to go a certain way, and if they don’t, you become judgemental, angry, frustrated, resentful or sad.

Try stopping the flow to ‘figure it out’. Dig in your heels. It doesn’t work. It just separates you further from the flow. Attached to your fixed ideas of how it should be, you do not want to let go. It is as if, by letting go, somehow your very existence is threatened. You want to conquer the stream.You want to possess the ocean, not become one with it.

The True Source of Joy

When you are in surrender you are allowing and trusting the infinite flow of life to provide you with everything you could ever want, to be really happy and joyful. How much more joyous to connect with the natural dance of a free-flowing, powerful and natural stream, to be openly free and  spontaneous. How much more satisfying  to discover that here you are  in dynamic surrender to a constant source of nurturing and ever-fresh renewal. Where there is no attachment to anything and all your needs are met.

Answers to questions and challenges automatically come flooding in, when you are willing to stay in the flow. The more aware you are of what is happening in the ‘isness’ of the flow, being present to it, without attachment,  the easier it is to make conscious choices about what to embrace in each moment as it arises.

Detachment allows to surface what will.You simply observe without judgement – positive or negative.

Simply letting the Divine flow of existence emerge into its natural state can resolve most of the issues in a person’s life. When you can fully give yourself permission to show up in a real way to whatever experience of life is presenting itself to you, in that moment, you are free.

Any ‘poor-me’ victim story, any heart-wrenching tale of abandonment, of betrayal, loss, despair or loneliness all instantly loosen their grip on you. Instead you allow a natural flow of joy, peace and pure abundance, a stream of love and light into your heart. It softens and loosens and brings an enlightening, fun and playful aspect to your life.

Going with the flow of the great manifesting stream of love is a choice and a practice

the dance of lifeLiving in flow requires the regular practice of one simple thing.  Relax into your body, let go of your mind and surrender with awareness and trust to the greater wisdom of your Highest Self.

True fulfilment is more about letting go than it is about holding on.

Your thinking mind doesn’t connect you to the true spiral of life. We are already and always have been connected. Everything you could ever wish for is already here.

The mind only keeps us in the illusion of separateness and the experience of limitation.

Controlling thoughts, the ‘monkey mind’, constant judging, all dam up the stream and disconnect us from the flow and from its source.

Deeply relaxing, smiling – just turn up the corners of your mouth, that’s enough – breathing deeply, being present to each scintillating moment … these things connect you

Our inner wise and ever flowing self is always calling us to surrender to a rich and abundant stream of truth, beauty, wisdom, love and oh-h so much more.

Are you flowing for or against?



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