Mindful Awareness and Morphogenetic Fields

I was listening to a really interesting interview the other day in which morphogenetic (morphic) fields were being discussed

It got me thinking about how an awareness of this can really help in managing our emotional states.

Such an understanding can help bring us back to ‘true north’ whenever we find ourselves wandering off distractedly in a different direction from our intended path towards true happiness, peace and joy.

Rupert Sheldrake, a world renowned biologist and author of many books and scientific papers, most famous for his work on morphic fields and morphic resonance, calls them ” organising regions of influence”.

His basic view is that the mind depends on fields that stretch out beyond the brain, much like a magnet stretches beyond the physical magnet itself, influencing and being influenced by whatever is around it, albeit mostly invisible to us

The Process of Morphogenesis

Morphic fields (‘morphic’ means ‘coming into form’) are basically fields of energy that come into form as bits of information that resonate at similar levels of frequency are attracted together. Whenever we think or act or feel a certain way, we emit energy waves. They resonate at a particular frequency. When enough of these energy waves collect and resonate together they, in turn, have an influencing effect on our bodies, thoughts and emotions.

The whole becomes bigger than the sum of its parts

It becomes the organising field.

An example of this might be the way a flock of starlings flies in one single formation.

Hundreds of birds can twist and turn together in the air, without ever bumping into each other.

At the level of humans …

… if you get enough people to believe in the effectiveness of the drug, Prozac, for example, it will bring about the expected results, even though in laboratory tests it has been shown to actually have no more effect than a sugar pill placebo.
Similarly someone who is sick and wants to be healed and trusts the healer – and in situations  where the healer approaches his or her work with the intention of love – it is much more likely to influence the results in a positive way. The person is more likely to get well than if (s)he doubts (s)he can get better or where the healer performs the healing as a simple mechanical routine.

If enough of us think, act, or feel in a similar way to each other then we become part of a collective resonance or morphogenetic field.

Let us, for example take something like the word, “mother”, or ” job” …  you associate each of these words with a certain set of meanings and emotions. These are similar to what millions of other people would associate with them also.

Now, since 95% of our behaviour is influenced by subconscious programming and since many of these morphogenic fields remain at the level of the subconscious they can exert quite a controlling effect – as long as we remain unaware of them or of our connection to them. If you are unaware of the workings of the subconscious mind it tends to control you … like a cd player …  press the button and it plays.

Without awareness you have no control over when the buttons get pressed

Meanings and emotions and their corresponding morphic resonances become the basis of a common invisible morphic field, collectively generated and taking on a life of its own, as we become unconsciously affected by it. This can be a good environment or a bad environment. It can contribute to our personal growth and happiness, health and well-being or it can make us feel separated, uncomfortable, stressed or sick.

The good news is that we can work to become aware of our attachment to a particular field of resonance that is causing us stress, conflict or illness. We can make choices about how to respond to our environment and we can learn to let go of or  ‘switch’ morphic fields to those which are better suited to our health and well-being.

Imagine developing the ability to be a witnesser or detached observer of your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Imagine ‘catching’ yourself in a state of sadness as you notice that something has pushed your buttons. It may be an early childhood, conditioned response which arose as a result of being constantly criticised or ignored when you were young. You may not know why you are sad but you do know you have been ‘triggered’.

By noticing the automatic, triggered, response you become empowered. You have choices.You can choose to remain as you are or you can turn your attention to being fully present to the energy of support, love, or self worth, by, for example, breathing in these essential qualities one at a time for a few minutes.

(I suggest you try doing this right now, as an experiment, whatever your current state …  )

In essence you are switching to, or tuning into, the morphogenetic resonance of self worth, love and support.

This exists as a wide field of energetic resonance in harmony with all of the people who have high self worth and feel fully loved and supported and who vibrate at that level.

This can have the effect of immediately dissipating  sadness and low self worth, as you move away from connecting to the old field and step instead into the new energy of love, peace and harmony.

Like stepping out of a hot, smoky, seedy bar where drunken tempers are flying, into a beautiful and peaceful, natural, grassy, park, full of flowers, birds chirping and a blue sunny sky.

Ahhh-hh such a difference … Can you feel it?

A Step Beyond

Having an awareness of those unseen forces (morphogenic fields), surrounding and influencing our every move, can provide us with the choice to make conscious decisions outside of those fields. We can step beyond them to make decisions in tune with what is in our best interests – either individually or collectively.

What comes to mind as an example of this, at the collective level is the recent movement to rise above the present influence of war, conflict, greed and hate, to spread peace throughout the world.

This is being achieved by having a large number of people meditate together at the same time on the subject of love and peace. Various experiments have been carried out which show that the crime rate in a particular area goes down when many people get together and meditate on peace all at the same time*

The Collective Well-Being

Both individually and collectively we are constantly contributing to the development of our universe and its organising, morphic fields with our thoughts and the emotional content behind them.

Our collective well-being is our responsibility and we can navigate to true joy and abundance by taking charge of the way we resonate both for the good of ourselves and the good of the whole.

We can choose to go in the direction of destruction – of our bodies, families, our societies – with negative thoughts or we can consciously create an environment in which we can all thrive through a commitment to living with positive thoughts and feelings, such as love, compassion, gratitude and awe.

Author of the bestselling “Biology of Belief” , Bruce Lipton, said:

 ” when you realise that when you are creating a specific field of energy around you according to the different thoughts and emotions you are experiencing, you are on the road to taking control of the things you find in your life”

There are ways to tap into the subconscious, such as by the use of kinesiology and muscle testing, NLP or the energy therapy EFT (see how to practice EFT) and so on, to erase or dissolve the recordings and substitute better resources and programs.

So for example, after putting in some new resources, (as in the exercise I shared with you at the end of my post on why meditation is important ) whenever you are confronted again with an event or thought that would have previously triggered the old behaviour or response, with new resources in place the subconscious will always choose the higher and better resources to respond from.

Morphogenetic fields are organised in a hierarchy of energies from lower to higher, smaller to more expansive. So by turning your attention to the higher, and engaging your emotion body by breathing in these resources, you are tuning into a higher vibrational field. The likely result is that you will soon feel much better.

How do I access These Morphic Fields?

Accessing fields of consciousness, or morphogenic fields is simple.  If you carry a high level of resonance for peace, the chances are that you will access or become entrained to the vibration of peace more easily and, in this way, draw to yourself more peaceful experiences.

Likewise, vibrating at a high frequency of fear or resistance, sets up a connection to more fear or greater resistance from those fields and your sense that the world is fearful or threatening is much more likely to increase.

You are more likey to attract experiences into your life that validate your fearful, stuck position.

If you have conscious awareness, and a basket of tools (which it is my mission to share on this blog – stay tuned), you can keep yourself clear enough to be less influenced or entrained by negative morphogenic fields and can choose to shift how you are resonating to access fields that support your choices of higher awareness and joy. After a while and some practice your ability to shift or stay in the higher vibrations will become more automatic. You will have set up some new buttons in your subconscious.

We are complements to our environment, living in a symbiotic relationship with it. The sad thing is that over time, we humans have greatly contributed to bringing into being a hostile environment that is ultimately threatening our very extinction.

We need to remember that just as our individual bodies are made up of a whole community of cells, we as individuals are also cells in the same body of humanity.

By returning our love back to the world, to each other, by vibrating as a harmonious, compassionate community we can empower the whole world.

We can choose to nurture and bring into being an organising, morphogenetic field, a societal field of humanity that acts on each individual within it in a beautifully nurturing, loving and supportive way.

So… how has this post impacted you? I would love to get your feedback and look forward to your comments.

Best Wishes           …  Joy    🙂

* Note: In 1993 a group of scientists led by John Hagelin conducted an experiment in which a few thousand people in Washington D.C. meditated together twice a day for almost 2 months. This was correlated with a highly significant reduction in crime in that area.



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