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Compassion and Suffering

As a trained therapeutic counsellor, compassion for me is a word that is soaked in empathy. It includes creating a sacred space to listen without judgment and having my clients’ best interests in mind. It involves knowing that my clients already have all the wisdom and inner resources they need and my job is simply […]

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The Famous Two Wolves Story

Story of The Two Wolves I want to tell this story because it has an amazing lesson in it. I think it really helps to explain how much the process of personal transformation, moving from a life of struggle to living life in peace and joy, depends on our level of awareness and the choices […]

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Let’s Clear Out The Old Fuddy Duddies + Set Our Cool Dudes Free…!

Lets Clear Out Our Old Fuddy Duddies + Set Our Cool Dudes Free…! You know we are all made up of many aspects right? Some we have learned, some we have been conditioned to be, some we take to be the ‘real me’ ….and all are based on good old fashioned fear, lack and resistance […]

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