What is Consciousness Evolution?

Have you heard of Bruce Lipton?

He wrote a book called “The Biology of Belief”

He’s a cellular biologist who used to study how genes determine our behaviour. However what he came to realise over the years is
that there is something beyond … which actually influences the behaviour of genes rather than the other way round.

This is known as epigenetics

That is, genes are blueprints (pieces of code information) controlled by outside influence … and this can include our thoughts or

It is like I (spirit) am a signal, a field energy (outside of body) that is being picked up and played through my body

He also discovered that Cells have identity. They have “self antennas” or ” self receptors” on the cell membranes which give us our sense of self

His ideas are fascinating and really help us to understand the link between mind, body and soul

Here is one of his videos:

Bruce Lipton – Understanding Consciousness Evolution

What do you think about this? Please share your ideas  …. Lets have a discussion…



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