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Mind Thoughts and Heart Wisdom

Yakkity yak! Yakkity yak! Can we ever get any peace or rest, or connect to our inner wisdom when our thoughts are constantly streaming away ninety to the dozen almost 24 hours a day! Well, yes the answer to that is that there is a way to find some peace and to regain our sanity […]

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Silence Please! Healing Within

True healing begins in silence and from within So how do we become silent you may well ask. Considering the amount of rattle tattle that goes on in our heads for much of our waking days it might seem to be  an almost impossible task. Yes, our thoughts do tend to stream through …  on […]

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Silent Meditation – 5 Minutes of Deep Breathing

Silence is so precious It is such a big contrast to being constantly bombarded by the millions of bits of information that are being processed through our bodies and brains right now. So much of it is screaming for our attention from all angles, the kids, the tv, rushing to work, getting tasks done, trying […]

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