Silent Meditation – 5 Minutes of Deep Breathing

Silence is so precious

It is such a big contrast to being constantly bombarded by the millions of bits of information that are being processed through our bodies and brains right now.

So much of it is screaming for our attention from all angles, the kids, the tv, rushing to work, getting tasks done, trying to remember what we are supposed to be doing next , the inner critic going wild … the list goes on.

We have become so used to living our lives, almost at the speed of sound it seems, that the idea of being in silence could feel quite scary to some.

Be still and know yourself

What do you do when all the distractions stop?

We might find ourselves craving for a bit of peace amidst all of  life’s chaos, but when we are actually presented with the opportunity to be still, it can bring up all kinds of fears – or is it excitement?

We might have to actually face ourselves and our issues – or we might actually become free!

We have been running in distraction for so long many of us have forgotten even who we really are

Sometimes we have to dig to find the treasure, our light, our peace … underneath all the layers of “have to’s” and “shoulds” and “musts” that have been weighing us down and making us feel so tired. For many of us, all we want to do after a hard day’s work is to sit down on the sofa and zone out in front of the tv.

But what if we made the decision to turn off the box for a change and to take some time out for ourselves and to just stop and be still. What if we felt the fear and did it anyway? What if we just sat quietly, away from the kids and the telephone, the dishes, the computer…  even for just 5 minutes and started to breathe deeply and relax.

Are you worth five minutes of your time?

What you might find is that, once you give yourself permission, you start to reconnect with yourself. Something about it feels right, almost a whisper coming up through the silence saying, “Yes, this is nurturing” … and things start to fall into perspective … it is not so necessary to do x, y and z right now. You are important too. The world is not going to crumble without you.

If things start to come up that are not so comfortable, know that it is probably your inner self answering the call to freedom that such times of silence can bring. Like a call to bring up and clear out anything that gets in the way of being in touch with, and living from, your highest nature. At such times it might be a good idea to simply surround whatever
comes up with a feeling of compassion or unconditional love until it dissolves by itself into a bigger love. You could also choose to work with a meditation or transformational guide  who has trodden this path before you and can point the way home to your free, joyful and abundant self.

Imagine living from a place of true connection…

… where all the screaming voices are coming as if from far away and nothing can shake your inner peace and joy.

Life is easy. Life is fun.

Even though you may still be doing the same things on the outside, your perception from inside has changed.

You are in touch with your divine, powerful and brilliant essential nature and nothing need phase you any more.

What if this is possible, simply by taking time out to be still.

This is the invitation.

Are you willing to accept the challenge?



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