Silence Please! Healing Within

focus and be stillTrue healing begins in silence and from within

So how do we become silent you may well ask. Considering the amount of rattle tattle that goes on in our heads for much of our waking days it might seem to be  an almost impossible task.

Yes, our thoughts do tend to stream through …  on automatic much of the time. We often don’t even feel we have any control over them or any choice in the matter…. yakkity yak, yakkity yak (the self criticism is the worst!)

I should’ve done this, ought to have done that, need to blah blah blah  … and so it goes

Well the good news is, silence is possible …

It is just a matter of levels

One way is to let go of having any interest in what’s going on in your head. This results in you moving to a different level of consciousness, a deeper level, where peace, calm, clarity, wisdom and a deep sense of contentment resides.

Trying to stop the incoming tide of busy thoughts, using the same ‘mind consciousness’ as the chatty ‘self talk’ level will usually only result in further frustration and stress. This approach is level One struggle … trying to control by force or sheer willpower in a scenario that often feels like a losing battle, compounded no doubt by the fact that you start beating yourself up for not being able to make yourself BE SILENT!
So here we go …

We have a choice …

Either focus on the tide and be completely overwhelmed by it

Or allow the waves to come and go as they do naturally, with a sense of ease and air of nonchalance, let them do their own thing, flow this way and that  ….

… as you make the choice to move your attention to something much more enriching, to a deeper, more profound awareness of self …  that is wide enough to easily include the chatter in a bigger and more embracing, vast and expansive you.

It becomes like a few choppy waves dancing on the surface of a vast, unperturbed  deep and expansive ocean of ‘you’ which is so… so … still in its depths.

flash of inspirationWhen your attention moves to a place where you can sense yourself to be as big as the universe, does a tiny, minute (by comparison) amount of noise interference ( like a far away chatter) really matter?

It is as if there is maybe a tiny  LED light flickering away somewhere inside of an infinitely vast and ever expanding magnificent and brilliant light.

Would you really notice or be bothered by a little flickering amongst all of this magnificent shining glory?

Your true big bright beautiful beingness is much greater than any of the niggles of your ‘monkey mind’

When you step into the Truth of your being through the doorway of stillness and presence, everything that is not in alignment with it simply pales in comparison, simply dissolves or disappears. Got it?

Ok so try this now….

Start by taking a few deep breaths in and allow your attention to rest on the breath … already you will feel yourself starting to calm down as you move your attention away from the mind …  towards the body
Now imagine yourself expanding as big as the room and notice how that feels
Now let yourself expand even more, as far as the town or city you are in
Now expand as far as the whole earth
And allow your awareness to expand even beyond that … into the universe
How are you feeling now?

Where are you? You are essentially wherever your awareness goes.

Moving from the Many to the One

The key lies in moving your attention, your awareness, away from the habitual experience of overwhelming niggly thoughts, beliefs and triggered automatic reactions. Choose to refocus your single attention elsewhere … on your body, on becoming a detached observer, embracing rather than resisting your thoughts and feelings in the open arms of love, acceptance and compassion. The thoughts can still be ‘there’ at one level but they don’t intrude because you’re not fighting them any more.

Your centre of beingness, your centredness is now in a vaster space, at another level beyond the reach of this part of you that wants to constantly demand your attention! Like a loving parent allowing her child the space to have a temper tantrum without herself being pulled in by it.

Often the thoughts will simply dissolve by themselves when no energy is invested into them.

Once you get a hang on how to become silent, with practice, you will start to notice the many benefits it brings.

Your inner wise voice will start to make itself heard and you will experience insights and clarity on things that up until now may have been bothering you and about which there had seemed no solution possible. You will begin to feel an increased sense of peace and calm.

Become still and you step into alignment with the higher vibrational energy of love and this is where real healing can start and where you find your true inner peace and  joy and everything you have been looking for.



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