Mind Thoughts and Heart Wisdom

monkey mind

Yakkity yak! Yakkity yak! Can we ever get any peace or rest, or connect to our inner wisdom when our thoughts are constantly streaming away ninety to the dozen almost 24 hours a day!

Well, yes the answer to that is that there is a way to find some peace and to regain our sanity  …

It lies in understanding the difference between the heart and the mind, how they operate and what it takes to open up a connection to the deep and subtle wisdom within

The Tyranny of Mind Control!

Our busy, busy nagging thoughts can easily go into overdrive in a continuous circle of anxious projections of what might or might not happen a day from now, a month from now… a year, or two, or ten

Or we might find ourselves caught up  in a repetitive loop of recriminations and regrets about something we did or didn’t do in the past

Most of it is based on fear…. fear of rejection, abandonment, loss of control, failure or even of success

If you want to recognize your thought processes note that they are usually based on logic, analysis, rational argument, judgement, doubt, suspicion and criticism … and they are usually very loud, demanding and controlling

The Gentle Whispers of Wisdom

Soft gentle wisdom makes itself known mainly through our emotions and through physical sensations in the body. This can be our true and trustworthy guide.When something is true or right for you then you will generally feel lighter. If it is wrong for you then you will feel heavier or you’ll feel a tightness or constriction in the body.

nature contemplationWisdom is love-based

It has a much gentler way of communicating, like the subtle softness of a beautifully scented rose.

You will often need to become very still to listen to what precious gems your inner wisdom has to offer. It is best to move your focus (by intention) away from the constant stream of thoughts, the waves of frenzied activity, towards the more still and open space of the heart. You could start by focusing on the breath or contemplating a scene in nature, a beautiful flower, a sunset, the ocean …

Relax and allow any guiding whispers of wisdom to arise gently into your awareness … it may be an expansive feeling, a subtle word, an image (the language of the heart is often by image or metaphor). Choose to believe the peaceful and more expansive thoughts over the louder, more intrusive or constricted ones (which by now may have faded into some kind of background noise)

The more you do this the greater the connection that will develop with your inner wisdom. You will gain more clarity on how to move through a difficult phase or challenge and how to move forward in life. You will be much more likely to find the courage to take whatever actions might be necessary

The key is in the relaxing and in the allowing and in the gentle focusing of attention away from the otherwise incessant head noise – like the choppy waves on the surface of the ocean. Simply allow yourself to dive into the very depths so deep below where there is nothing but complete stillness and calm. Rest there awhile.

Of course your monkey mind is always trying to grab your attention, always in a hurry and will try to stop you slowing down! So just let it know that you are grateful for all the work that it is doing for you …. and now it can take a well deserved rest, just for a little while … you will get back to it later. That often does the trick!

mindful surrenderAnd away you go ……. turn your focus to your body and breathe

Allow yourself to become more and more expansive

Breathe in the power and abundance of the universe …

Let go of holding on to your thoughts

Surrender to your Soul




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