How to Love Your Enemy and Yourself

Let Me Invite You to Love Your Enemy

I know it might seem almost impossible right now, but I really want to invite you – no, urge you – to Love Your Enemy.

For sure, it can feel like one of the greatest challenges in the world, maybe even an impossible one.  But if you can just take a
moment here …bear with me…. breathe deeply … please realise that the main purpose is that learning to love your enemy actually
opens the way into you living from your life’s highest vibration and consciousness, beyond all judgements and limitations where, believe it or not, you will feel fully satisfied and at peace, despite what is going on on the outside. will be empowered to make the best and most appropriate, clear and boundaried decisions for yourself and others around you.
It takes moving beyond … expanding … our experience of ourselves to
the point where it becomes possible to embrace the person who you
feel you can’t embrace.

In the wholeness of life …our Oneness … we need to understand that our “enemy” is no more than simply another aspect of our being … who was born into this life’s “insane asylum”, thought “is this how life is here?” and then picked up and internalised whatever he or she was “fed” or presented with.

So when you turn around and love that part which you may feel is deeply unlovable, something will shift … not only in your own energy but in the energy of all the people you are connected to, as aspects of our global being.

You will move up into a higher vibration of love and this in turn will open you into a sense of freedom, limitless joy, and a lightness inside of you that transforms any feelings of anger, hurt, betrayal …. into love and acceptance and a sense that you cannot be disturbed or touched by anything or anyone any more, as you stand in your full and magnificent power.

We spend such a lot of energy when we hate, judge or resist our enemies and it is very draining, completely exhausting – and actually
unnecessary. Leave that energy for bringing clarity to the situation and establishing appropriate boundaries

Have you heard the saying ‘That which you resist, persists’?

Which means that you become whatever you are not able to embrace, (ugh!)

So no matter how awful the person may be, whatever the thing you just cannot accept, as long as you continue to resist it will continue to master and control you. You will be swept along with the dominant thought.

Also consider this:

… that focusing on thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that are energised by negative energy waves only serves to increase the amount of negative energy in our universe and on our planet, which opens the way for more negative behaviours to manifest, as people tune into this kind of energetic morphic field, (I write about mindfulness and  morphogentic fields here ) which fuels the  “insane asylum” and all of their negative behaviours.

oceanMaybe it is better for us and our planet, to focus on beautiful, loving thoughts and to open our vastly expansive hearts to embrace the pure love, compassion, peace joy and so much more – that is already here waiting for us to claim it –  and to simply let go of all the dark stuff, that isn’t even yours anyway! (It belongs to the “insane asylum” right?)

Yes, as easy as that! As easy as a vast and beautiful blue ocean smoothly dissolves and cleans any pollutants that are poured into it.

Try it!  Close your eyes, take a few deep relaxing breaths and let yourself imagine waves and waves of compassion, love, beauty, magnificence ….. pouring through your heart and all of your body

Why add power to the darkness when you can be bathed in and empowered by the beauty and light of the powerful and glorious essence within?

Here is a tool you can use the moment you begin to feel any kind of resistance coming up …

  • Allow yourself to step back emotionally, mentally – even physically.
  • Move back a few inches or feet, (even hundreds or thousands of feet or more, in your imagination).
  • Creating such a space can act to create a shift into a more expanded perspective and understanding.
  • Experiment with what it is like to listen to this person or these people from a higher ‘out in the universe’ perspective, where you see the experience from a much wider and more expansive world view, looking outside of our otherwise relatively ‘small closed box’ of judgements.
  • Breathe in resources which you decide would be helpful in your situation ….. self love, self acceptance, understanding the bigger picture, trust in the highest source of power and wisdom, self assertiveness, self confidence, compassion for self and others …. whatever you would like in this moment.
  • Just spend a few minutes breathing them all in and then take another look at your situation, the other person or people involved and see how things have changed – maybe not the actual circumstances but the whole quality of it.
  • See how differently you are thinking and feeling now that you have accessed mthese resources inside of yourself.

From here you will be able to see or understand the lesson this person is unconsciously attempting to teach you. It is often a lesson that will empower and enlighten you.

We judge others because we don’t understand how powerful we truly are

Once you see it, that you are a magnificent and vastly expansive soul who is on a journey of wholeness, back to Oneness and true fulfilment, you will be fully empowered to be kind and compassionate to everyone.

The lesson always has something to do with love, forgiveness, trust, healing an old wound, and/or opening your mind to a more expansive viewpoint of who you and others are.

Learn this lesson now and it will immediately empower and liberate you. Why wait till later?  In complete surrender and with trust in God, or the Highest Source of all Joy and Complete Nourishment, you can find peace inside yourself no matter what is happening on the outside.

When you see that your ‘enemy’ is doing their best in life with the resources and information they’ve been fed, and that you would be just like them if you were born in their mothers womb, you will learn how to relax and let go.

The more sensitive you are to their experiences of life (beyond your raging ego), to the deep challenges they face every day, the more detached you become from your ego’s point of view and and the more able you will be to find a place for them in your heart, this vessel of the vast expansive unconditional love of God.

Make the decision to devote yourself to living in a constant state of compassion, the Highest Essential Attribute God has written for Himself. Adorn yourself with the Attributes of God. You will discover a warm light growing inside of you as you discover that who you are is a powerful receiver and reflector of true love and joy and that nothing need disturb the inner calm of your true and higher self.



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