Family Heart Connections


Family Heart Connections

With Life Transformation Mentor : Joy Idries  Joy

“Spiritual Growth Healing and True Transformation through the Practice of Presence, Awareness and Gratitude!”
  • Discover and unlock the patterns  that have been holding you back!
  • Open to the truth of who you really are!
  • Live life with ease, contentment and joy!
  •  Understand and heal the family soul
  • Dissolve the connections that are no longer useful to  healthy vibrant living

Each family has a web of connections at the energetic level that has an influence on the way we live out our lives, the emotions we experience, the relationships we have within it , whether that is with a partner, a child, parents, relatives or even close friends …

This family heart  Connections Day is aimed at expanding our awareness of the intricacies of this web and opening us to releasing the patterns that have been holding us back from living a life of true fulfilment, peace, love and joy

 No prior experience needed

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Venue: Learning Stars Montessori Nursery 85 Wembley  Park Drive  HA9 8HE [parking available]

10.30am – 4.30pm (extending to 5pm as needed)

Cost £60     Click here to pay

Bring your own lunch – tea and coffee will be provided


Family Heart Connections …

will help anyone who is looking for greater clarity in their relationships or to clear a personal challenge or issue

is a unique and powerful spatial and meditative exploration that helps us to see just how deeply connected or entangled we are with our families of origin and beyond … and how that relates to our own suffering

… is like a vivid ‘mapping out’ of how everything is connected so that we can see how it all fits together … with a view to untangling it. Once we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves through this process we can free ourselves from these unconscious entanglements and can often experience profound transformative healing

provides a new perspective on current, perhaps persistent, problems or relationship issues, bringing what may previously have been hidden, out into the open, to be resolved or dissolved so that we can make new, healthier, happier choices

Every family has a strong inner connection which binds them together whether the family members are conscious of it or not.

As children and as we grow up we often ‘take on’ the burdens and unresolved energies of the family.

Everything which is suppressed by the family tends to ‘float around’ within the system until it is taken up and ‘lived out’ by one or more of its members.

We become ‘entangled’ by the family as we live out their behaviours, feelings, and patterns

Once the roots of disharmony within the family system are recognised, we and our relationships can transform

Family Heart Connections

… is a one day workshop where each ‘entanglement’ we focus upon will be given the space to unfold in its own time and at its own pace.

Because of this we may go over the stated finishing time by up to one hour so please allow for this in your schedule

Please note that we cannot guarantee that each and every participant will be able to explore their own particular entanglement

However the very act of witnessing or being actively involved in someone else’s ‘entanglement’ commonly brings deep insights and can lead to profound and lasting change in and of itself

Joy Idries: Self Growth Expert and Transformational Mentor