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The Famous Two Wolves Story

Story of The Two Wolves I want to tell this story because it has an amazing lesson in it. I think it really helps to explain how much the process of personal transformation, moving from a life of struggle to living life in peace and joy, depends on our level of awareness and the choices […]

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Mind Thoughts and Heart Wisdom

Yakkity yak! Yakkity yak! Can we ever get any peace or rest, or connect to our inner wisdom when our thoughts are constantly streaming away ninety to the dozen almost 24 hours a day! Well, yes the answer to that is that there is a way to find some peace and to regain our sanity […]

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How Can You Find Your Real Self?

How can you find your real self?  It is an interesting question …. Does it mean that the real self is somehow missing or elusive or that it is in hiding somewhere and invisible or that it has been forgotten? To find something, it needs to have first been lost or buried or forgotten. In […]

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How to Manage Emotions

Today I want to talk about managing emotional states Is it true that when we are in an emotional state, say anger or sadness for example, there is nothing much we can do about it, apart from wait for it to go away? I used to feel like that myself  at one time (until I […]

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Why Meditating is Important

Things are not always as they appear We may have heard this saying many times, but what does it actually mean? What we see on the surface is not all there is. It is pointing to something deeper, something beyond the surface, to a deeper quality or essence. It is pointing to the possibility of […]

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Silent Meditation – 5 Minutes of Deep Breathing

Silence is so precious It is such a big contrast to being constantly bombarded by the millions of bits of information that are being processed through our bodies and brains right now. So much of it is screaming for our attention from all angles, the kids, the tv, rushing to work, getting tasks done, trying […]

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Spiritual Consciousness the Way to Love

Are you comfortable with yourself right now? What comes up for you when you are asked this question? I invite you to take a minute to stop what you are doing and be still. Take a deep breath in and relax. Let go of all the busy thoughts you have been preoccupied with, up until […]

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