Spiritual Meditation the Call to Awakening

We are living in a time that is unprecedented in history, when everything is speeding up at a vastly accelerated rate and there is more turmoil and strife, both inwardly and outwardly than has ever been seen before.

The familiar more traditional ways, that until now we have been using to deal with our current challenges, no longer seem to be very fitting or relevant.

Maybe this is because they are connected to the old mechanistic view of the world, which is mainly based on looking for what is wrong in order to find a workable solution or a quick fix.

Have a headache? We have been conditioned to “Take a pill!” Have an allergy? Fix it with some antihistamines. Diagnosed with cancer? Chemotherapy is such a serious option. Something is missing.

It is not that these solutions don’t have a place but they are not the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ to everything

Now we are becoming more and more able to be prevention- rather than solution-focused. … to take an organic or holistic energy approach. We are starting to go deeper, to reconnect with our natural and abundant inner healthsprings. The energy of awakening is upon us. It is as if we are finally being called to come home to our true selves after having spent a long time away, a long time separated from our true joyful nature and natural source of well-being.

However the challenge now is that many of us are not quite sure how to go about answering the call that comes from so deeply within

We know it is there and we know that we haven’t found lasting satisfaction anywhere else.

Many of us have already spent years chasing after the promises of a materialistic life, thinking that is where our happiness lies … in the money, the cars, the dream home or looking for the ideal partner to satisfy our need to be loved and cherished. But now there is a growing realisation that true happiness is not to be found in the focus on lack, the continuous wanting – and that relationships based on neediness are not the key.

There is something beyond or deeper than all of this

Maybe we have already had a taste of all or some of the things we have craved only to find that we or someone we know still feels empty and unfulfilled inside. We are left with a feeling that there must be something more. Maybe we have come to realise that happiness does not lie in the latest shiny car, the dream house, partner, holiday, designer clothes …. and so on, that we thought we wanted so much.

The feeling that getting any of these brings leaves a clue.

We are searching for a feeling of satisfaction, completion, fullness and joy

When we find out that the only thing these acquisitions bring are a short term temporary relief and that once again we have gone back to being alone, empty and unfulfilled or numbed out ….. it is at this point that we begin to search for more.

Sooner or later we are driven to reflect. To reflect we need to, jump down off the hamster wheel and slow right down, to turn our attention inwards to the abundance that is already here and has never been away.

We need to realise that our true happiness has been on the inside all along and doesn’t depend on outside circumstances at all

Our joy, peace, delight, completeness … are already there, inside of ourselves waiting for us to reconnect, reclaim and radiate – from the inside out – to easily manifest our true desires.

One of the best ways to slow down and reflect deeply is through the practice of spiritual meditation. By spiritual I simply mean connecting with the divine essence of our being which shows up in many ways and in different aspects. It is about connecting with the essential qualities of love, peace, unconditional acceptance, trust, gratitude, purity, abundance and many more. Meditation is about slowing right down, deeply relaxing and turning our attention, our focus inwards. It is about developing the practice of self awareness and allowing ourselves to open to deeper truths and to the transformation it brings.

I started this blog to support you in your journey of opening to a deeper awareness of yourself and the practising of spiritual meditation, I hope that you find my contributions useful and freeing.

I would love to engage with you on anything that comes up in this journey.

I will answer all comments on the blog or any emails you would like to send to joy@spiritualmeditations.org on the subject of spiritual meditation and your own journey in relation to it.

Wishing you an abundant and fruitful journey

Love and light